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At the site of today´s municipal court on the corner of today´s Soudní Street and Na Fortně street used to stand a Royal castle (house number 996). It was established concurrently with the town in the middle of the 13th century.  The town was apparently named after the castle – Neuenburch, later Neuenburg and now Nymburk mean New castle. At the end of the 13th it began to be referred to as a Stone House and it was the seat of the first municipal magistrate. The first mention of the magistrate is from the year 1293, when the king Wenceslaus II of Bohemia gave the magistrate, the mill along with some of the land to Ortlib from Rožmitály. This house was still referred to as a castle in the 15th century. Apparently, it was an advanced late Gothic building (that is also demonstrated by the discovery of a decorative stone feature during the archaeological excavations in 1994, which is now installed in the hall of Pension Panorama in Soudní Street number 21) with an iron grating in the facade, also with embrasures, corbels and with a round tower. The remains of the tower along with the staircase are apparent on the photographs taken before the year 1917. The Stone House was damaged during the Thirty Years' War. In the adjacent property used to stand a municipal Baroque brewery that dated back to 1686. The beer had been made there until 1898. In the current building of the court (it was made from 1915 to 1919) with a Baroque facade are preserved two square late Gothic windows on the eastern side, which were transferred there from the former Stone House.

Soudní 996/10, Nymburk
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