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The Primeval Mound-grave
Adresa: Na Příkopě, Nymburk
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An unique discovery of an mound-grave from the late Stone Age – Eneolithic period (dated from 3 600 BC.) is an evidence of an ancient prehistoric settlement in the area that is today the centre of the town, a strategic marl hill near the River Elbe, in close proximity to the ford over the river.
The grave with a megalithic stone lining, in which lay the skeleton of a man in a slightly crouched position, was discovered in 1994 by PhD. Karla Motyková during a archaeological rescue excavation in street Na Příkopě. Simultaneously were also found remains of an inner wall of fortified settlement from the Bronze Age and a prehistoric ditch. Moreover, the entire floor plan of the medieval water moats and fortifications loosely replicates the original prehistoric fortification.

A modern metal pavilion was built by the town in 2010 and 2011 above the mound-grave. In there you can see an animated film which informs about the death of a significant man of the tribe and about the building of the marl mound-grave. The construction and the film production cost 6 816 200 Czech crowns. The landmark is freely accessible during the tourist season (April - October) daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Its scale model can be seen in a display case in the corridor of a Tourist Information Centre on the town square.


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